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Chunk Of Concrete - Candle Holder

The MENU Chunk of Concrete candle holder consists, as the name suggests, of a massive solid block of concrete with a copper plate on top. The fusion of the raw grey base with a reddish shining, reflective top plate gives the Chunk candle holder an extraordinary appearance. As the candle burns down, the light is reflected in the metal disc and radiates a beautiful glow. MENU describes it as "hard on the outside, but romantic on the inside".
It also looks lovely in combination with the Menu Chunk of Marble candle holder in a similar design. So why not treat yourself to something unusual and noble? This candle holder makes an ideal table decoration for at home, or as a gift, it is, for example, a suitable wedding or house-warming present.
Menu Denmark offers the best of Scandinavian design.


Diameter Ø : 7 cm

Height: 7.5 cm

Chunk Of Concrete - Candle Holder

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